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Do you want your expensive clothes to get extra care and attention during washing process? Or you don’t have enough time to clean and maintain your outfits and looking for a Good Laundry Service Singapore who can take care of all your laundry needs? No matter what your requirements are; we at Ultimate Laundry are here to assist you!

Ultimate Laundry is one of the premier providers of Curtain Laundry Service Singapore and location-specific Laundry Service Singapore Delivery, with the specialization of a full fledge of normal laundry as well as dry cleaning service. Backed by a team of skilled and professionally trained laundry crew, we always ensure you to experience the best services for all your laundry requirements.

We trust a good curtain laundry and dry cleaning service stream usual of method will be able to let customers as you get pleasure from good service ordinary
where you will know when you will be capable to receive your laundry in Singapore (Best dry Cleaning Service in Singapore, Best Dry Cleaning Singapore, Curtain Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore, Best Curtain Cleaning Singapore, ).


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Our special team will be able to respond right away for call up enquiry, however gladness allow 24 hours response time used for email

Organize for Pick Up

Our personnel team will contact you after receiving your enquiry to assemble for pick up and delivery. Min. $45.00 to enjoy free pick up

5 Days Return Delivery

All laundry can be return within 5 days, we will notify you if the quantities too large to be delivered within 5 days.
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Contact us for your laundry and dry cleaning needs in Singapore and our team will attend you as soon as possible when we saw your enquiry, please permit 24 hours response time. Our minimum order is $45 to enjoy our free pick up from your place!

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